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Are you suffering from chronic pain? If so, you are not alone. Today 3.2 million Australians live in chronic or disabling pain, with more than 4 million patients suffering from arthritis. Unfortunately, more than 68% of chronic pain patients are of working age. Despite chronic pain's prevalence in our community, many suffer in silence, simply due to the difficulties and stresses that come with sourcing treatment solutions.

At Pain Clinic Australia, we pride ourselves on restoring the health and confidence of men and women Australia-wide and working with some of the best Licenced Chronic Pain Doctors in the world to offer bespoke treatment plans.

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Chronic Pain

What is Chronic Pain?

Pain is regarded as chronic when it does not go away and occurs on most days of the week for at least three months. Although about 1 in 5 Australians suffer from chronic pain, symptoms of the condition can vastly differ for each patient. In some cases, chronic pain can focus on one region of the body; in other cases, the pain spreads across multiple areas.

Chronic pain is associated with several conditions, such as arthritis, migraines, osteoporosis, and trauma. Chronic pain can also include facial, muscle, and pelvic pain--examples of some symptoms that can go unnoticed. Therefore, if you notice persistent pain, it is time to speak to our doctors.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Can Chronic Pain be treated?

Yes, chronic pain is treatable. At Pain Clinic Australia, we treat patients as a whole. No single aspect of a patient’s health is a priority over another. Our chronic pain management solutions are tailored to each patient and their needs using a multidisciplinary approach. Although chronic pain cannot always be cured, we aim to help patients improve their quality of life by allowing them to participate in everyday activities that previously seemed impossible with their condition.

Our Experts

Dr. Vahid Mohabbati and the Sydney Pain Management Team

Dr Vahid Mohabbati is the director of the Sydney Pain Management Centre and Sydney Pain Research Centre. Dr Mohabbati is a fellow of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP), The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP), The Australian Chapter of Palliative Medicine (FAChPM) and The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FFPMANZCA).

Dr Vahid Mohabbati is an Australian-based health professional trained as a Pain Medicine Specialist, Palliative Medicine Specialist and has practised in Parramatta, Wahroonga and Campbelltown. Dr Mohabbati is a Pain Interventionist who uses various modalities to alleviate pain and minimise discomfort for his patients.

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Treatment support with our clinical nutritionist
Treatment support with our APRHA-registered physiotherapists
Monthly check-ins with your dedicated case manager

Our Experts

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